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A leader in the Inflight advertising industry, Aviation Spaces is an airline branding and advertising organization. We are well versed in airline advertising and branding in India. With over 14 years in airline branding and advertising, Aviation Spaces offers Inflight magazine advertising, airline advertising and digital screens advertising.

Airlines and Inflight magazine advertising in India have been acquiring a ton of eyeballs over the recent years because of their immense readership. These readers are incessant airline voyagers who are by and large incorporate entrepreneurs and chiefs of enormous associations.

Inflight magazine advertising is the only source of engagement for connecting with these individuals directly. Inflight magazines give a genuinely beautiful content to airline flyers that is needed to kill their travel time. Travellers give a great deal of consideration because of the hostage climate inside aircrafts and therefore, every page of the magazine including promotions gets superb openness. Inflight magazine advertising offers a magnificent chance for the brands to contact their potential interest group. We work closely with airlines and publishers to ensure the effective Inflight magazine advertising options.

Inflight magazine advertising choices in India have now been expanding because of an expansion in the quantity of territorial, public and worldwide airline carriers.

Inflight magazine advertising gives the most elevated productivity rate and is up to multiple times more effective than customary media. Inflight magazine advertising rates in India are extremely competitive when compared with some other conventional methods of commercials. Inflight Magazine Advertising cost relies upon the number of copies circulated and the number of travellers corried by the airlines consistently.

Aviation Spaces is one of the top Inflight advertising organizations in India that work intimately with several airlines and their distributors fully intent on giving inventive Inflight magazine advertising options in India and the best Inflight magazine advertising cost to clients and companies.

List of the top Inflight magazines in India:

  • Hello 6E (Inflight Magazine of Indigo)
  • Spiceroute (Inflight Magazine of Spicejet)
  • Go-Getter (Inflight Magazine of Go Air)
  • Shubh Yatra (Inflight Magazine of Air India)
  • Vistara (Inflight Magazine of Vistara)
  • Travel 3Sixty (Inflight Magazine of Air Asia)


Captive Audience

In-flight advertising is perhaps the most effective way to impart to travellers who are flying the explanation that they are kept as a captured crowd inside the aeroplane.

Worldwide Reach

With an expansion in the number of air travellers nowadays, In-flight media have a worldwide reach of both homegrown and global voyagers who are flying for business and vacation purposes.

High recurrence of exposure

In-flight media has a high-recurrence exposure to regular customers who are the influencing individuals and ultimate leaders.

Content quality

The content, design, format, look and feel of the Inflight magazines make it more captivating with the flyers on board.


  1. An Inflight magazine promotion creates a generally speaking 25% positive change in intent to buy.
  2. 81% of the voyagers read Inflight magazine.
  3. Travellers spend a normal of 30-40 minutes on Inflight magazines on a homegrown flight.
  4. 7 out of 10 follow up on the data given in Inflight media.
  5. 94% of individuals feel that Inflight advertising is seriously striking.
  6. Test overviews show roughly 77% of travellers recall the brand in the wake of leaving the aeroplane.
  7. The enthralled crowd is effectively connected by promotions for an average of 1 - 2.5 hours on board.
  8. Inflight media gives the open door to a brand to stand apart from the pack.